Let's Learn How to Recycle Right

We know many of us would love to recycle more. And that makes sense,
recycling protects our planet's precious resources, lowers pollution and makes
our communities cleaner, safer, and better places to live.

Recyclability is on a mission: To make recycling as easy as
possible, to teach people the best way to manage used materials, and to
take the mystery out of what, how, and where to recycle in your community. If
we have some fun along the way, then that's just one more bonus to doing the
right thing right.

  • Blue Box

    When we think of recycling, most of us think of our blue box materials: the local paper, cartons and cereal boxes, plastic bottles, pop cans, the list goes on. But are we recycling the right things, and are we recycling it properly? Find out more:

  • Tires

    Every good tire has its day. When a tire is starting to look balder than a turkey vulture the time has come to give it a new life. And what a life: playground padding, cycling and athletic tracks, household and outdoor products and much more:

  • Batteries

    Just like the end of a long and arduous workday, the battery is drained and not good for much else. But throwing them in landfill is the wrong thing to do. Find out the do, don'ts and hows of battery recycling:

  • Electronics

    Our lives are filled with electronics, they entertain us, help us work, keep us connected. But every good electronic eventually finds itself in the history pile. Find out how and what to do when the spark is gone and the lights go out:

  • Lighting

    That lightbulb going off over your head means you just thought of a great idea: recycle your old bulbs! New programs are available. Find out what to do with your end-of-life bulbs:

  • Hazardous

    These are materials you do not want getting into landfills. They contain all those scary looking warning symbols for a reason. Find the best way to manage all these hazardous and special products:

  • Pressurized Containers

    You think you're under pressure! These materials need to be recycled properly or they can cause a bunch of problems. From the trusty propane tank to more specialized containers, like the one you bought for helium balloons (and making your voice squeaky and hilarious - we don't judge). Find out more:

  • Cannabis

    The new kid on the block. With any new product comes new packaging and many recycling challenges. Find out how we are meeting these challenges head on with HyRyse:

  • News and Tips

    Want to be a master recycler, the eco-warrior in the know. Find out what is happening in the world of recycling legislation and great tips and strategies to recycle the right way.

  • Education Resources for Schools

    Recycling can be educational and fun.

  • Information Centre

    Are you a small, medium or large sixed business that wants to find out more about regulations, obligations and the circular economy? Ryse Solutions is your one stop shop (Note: This link will take you to the Ryse Solutions Inc. website)