• Where to Recycle Lights

    In Ontario, the businesses that produce or supply lighting are legally required to provide locations for the public to drop off used materials, then recycle the materials collected at those locations.

    For a drop-off location, please use the Resource Productivity & Recovery Authority(RPRA) map

    RPRA Map 
  • What Lights Can Be Recycled

    • Bulbs
    • Dimmable light bulb
    • Fluorescent bulb
    • Halogen bulb
    • Headlight bulb
    • High intensity discharge (HID) lamp
    • Indicator Lights
    • Incandescent bulb
    • Lamp
    • Light emitting diode (LED) bulb
    • Mini and miniature bulbs
    • Motion activated bulb
    • Replacement bulbs & lamps
    • Tube light
    • UV Lamps
    • Wi-Fi light bulb
  • How to Recycle?

    Detach lightbulbs from lighting fixtures (fixtures are not acceptable for recycling at the drop-off locations). Make sure the store has a lighting similar to what you are looking to drop off. Collection sites collect whole lightbulbs that have not been intentionally crushed. You cannot drop off more than 5KG of lightbulbs and tube lights in one day.