Ages 0-5

Preschool Recycling Education

Our engaging and interactive lessons are designed to introduce preschool children to the importance of recycling in a fun and educational way. Through hands-on activities, creative projects, and exciting lessons, children will learn about recycling, waste reduction, and environmental stewardship.

Preschool Teacher Resources

Ages 6-13

Elementary School Recycling Education

These resources are designed to educate elementary school students about the importance of recycling and empower them to become environmental stewards in their communities. Through interactive lessons, hands-on activities, and real-world projects, students will develop a deep understanding of recycling principles and practices.

Elementary School Teacher Resources

Ages 14-17

Highschool Recycling Education

The lessons laid out for high school students on recycling offer a holistic and engaging approach to understanding the importance of recycling and its broader implications for environmental sustainability. Through a series of interactive activities, discussions, and hands-on projects, students explore various aspects of recycling, including the lifecycle of recyclable materials, global perspectives on recycling policies, the science of recycling materials and processes, and environmental justice and recycling equity.

High School Teacher Resources