• Where to Dispose of Pressurized Containers

    Pressurized containers can be disposed of for free at any municipal collection sites municipal collection events. Follow the instructions provided by your municipality.

  • What pressurized containers are accpeted

    Gas tanks/cylinders (e.g. propane/BBQ, helium, oxygen, etc.)

  • Special Instructions

    Please be sure to use up all the contents before bringing the container to a municipal collection sites. 1lb propane cylinders are commonly used for camping. However, these containers were not designed to withstand the stress of being emptied and refilled. It is important to never attempt to refill 1lb propane bottles.

Orange Cycle Program

Available at Ontario Parks, drop off your empty non-refillable propane canisters.

Learn more about Orange Cycle
  • Non-Refillable Pressurized Containers

    A non-refillable pressurized container refers to a type of container that is designed to hold contents under pressure and cannot be refilled once the original contents have been used. The most common example of this kind of container are the 1lb propane gas cylinders that campers use.

  • Refillable Pressurized Containers

    Refillable pressurized containers refers to pressurized containers that is used for the supply of a gas product and can be refilled, contains such gases;

    •            Oxygen

    •            Freon

    •            Nitrogen

  • Refillable Propane Containers

    Refillable propane containers are designed to be reused multiple times for storing and transporting propane gas, which is commonly used for heating, cooking, and fueling certain vehicles. These containers range from small canisters to larger tanks for home heating systems. They are constructed to withstand the pressure of the propane and have valves that can be closed and opened for refilling.