• Where to Recycle Tires

    In Ontario, a tire retailer or tire shop near you will collect your used tires for recycling, as long as they are similar to the new tires sold or supplied by that retailer. You can bring tires with or without rims. If you have more than 10 tires to drop off, you will be asked for your contact information. Fees are part of the regulation. Tire shops or retailers can chose to show a visible fee but it's a business decision. Used tire drop-off is always free.

  • Acceptable Tires for Collection

    • Automobile tires
    • Motorcycle tires
    • Motor assisted bicycle tires (e.g., mopeds, non-kick scooters)
    • Tractor tires
    • Tires on industrial and agricultural vehicles and equipment
    • Transport truck tires
    • Trailer tires (e.g., boat trailers, RVs)
    • All Terrain Vehicle tires
    • Riding lawn mower tires
    • Aircraft tires if not supplied on aircraft
    • Snow blower tires
    • Wheelbarrow tires
    • Hand truck tires
    • Dolly tires
    • Push lawn mower tires
    • Segway tires
    • Any other tire that weighs 1kg or more
    • Aircraft tires are exempt
  • Retread or Repair

    Before disposing of tires, ask an auto shop if your old tires can be retreaded or repaired. Either option prolongs the life of your tires.

The Tire Recycling Process Explained

How tires are taken apart post collection and what can be made from them.

break down the tires

Shredding and Grinding Tires

  • Tire recyclers start by shredding old tires into smaller pieces. This step makes handling easier and exposes the various materials used in tire manufacturing.
  • The shredded tire pieces are then ground further to create crumb rubber. This fine rubber powder serves as a versatile resource

Separate tire materials

Steel and Fiber Separation

  • After shredding, the tire material undergoes a process to remove steel wires and other metal components.
  • Powerful magnets and other techniques are used to separate the steel from the rubber. The steel is recycled as scrap metal.

tires have valuable materials

Crumb Rubber Production

The crumb rubber obtained from shredded tires has several applications:

  • In playgrounds, you’ll find rubber mats made from crumb rubber, providing a safer play environment.
  • Cycling and athletic tracks
  • Household and outdoor products such as landscaping stone, flower boxes, floor undelay